Five Generally Broken Traffic Laws

do not enter signage

At times even the keen drivers cross the line between legal and illegal driving. Most people do agree on a lot of traffic rules for example when it is children crossing sign and children are crossing, but there are other rules which most people just break. This mostly happens when individuals are in a hurry whereby they are tempted to do what is illegal. However, it is essential to know that traffic rules are there to protect us and to ensure the safety of other people as well. The following are some traffic laws which most people break on a regular basis.

Failure to signalX singage

It is important for us to communicate any turn signals with other drivers. This enables other drivers to know where you are turning to or to slow down and give you space if you are changing lanes. Signaling your intent prior taking action is nice. It is not enough time to warn other drivers when you flip your turn on when you have begun changing lanes.


Many people ignore the speed signs or signals. They can decide not to obey the speed limit of where they are heading when it is 30 mph. They feel as if they are not moving and decide to go a higher speed especially when they are in a hurry. But driving slowly on the highway is dangerous too. So it is important to go as the speed limits of the area dictate. There are some areas which have no speed limits; you can drive at any speed as long as you can be able to control your car.

Failure to stop for pedestrians crossing

two woman walking on pedestrian laneIt is a common thing in many places. It is like drivers do not know pedestrians have the right of way to cross. It is important to honor signals if their pedestrians who are waiting for the vehicle to go then they pass; as a driver, you are meant to let them cross before you proceed.

Illegal turns

It is important to understand and know your countries laws regarding U-turns, other states do not have them. Always pay attention to all road signs there are some places where U-turns are not allowed on the roads. Remember to look at the signs on the traffic rights; most right turns are prohibited at intersections.

It is always important to follow traffic laws even though you are in a rush. It may delay you, but it is for safety and the security of the other road users so that you can reach your destination safely.