Guide to Choosing a Criminal Defense Lawyer

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Even if you are an upstanding citizen, there are still chances that you might find yourself in a complicated legal predicament or on the wrong side of the law. To be able to defend yourself effectively when you find yourself in such a situation, you should seek the services of a criminal lawyer. Choosing the right criminal defense lawyer can be a bit challenging, but considering the factors highlighted below should help you out.


Any qualified lawyer can represent you in a law court. However, some specialize in particular areas of the law and might be more relevant to your case. You should thus consider the nature of the charge brought against you and choose a lawyer that specializes in that area. Such a lawyer is likely to be more knowledgeable in the field, given that it is all he does. He will be in a position to defend you better than a generalist will.


The personality of the lawyer does matter as well. You can judge a lot from the first impression that you get when you first meet. The first meeting is usually free and intended for exploratory discussions only. Try to figure out whether the lawyer is interested more in defending you or the money for his services. In addition to that, the lawyer should also be someone you can get along with well. He should also be able to communicate to you effectively, irrespective of your knowledge of the law.

Fees Charged

Different lawyers, or law firms, will charge different amounts for the services that they offer. In most cases, the amount is usually determined by the experience and reputation of the lawyer and the number and quality of services provided. Your budget is what will mainly determine the lawyer that you can hire. However, ensure that you do not go for those who are suspiciously cheap as they may be incompetent and can compromise your case. Avoid those who charge exorbitant rates as well.courtroom

Reputation and Experience

Generally, a lawyer with vast experience will be a better option for you. An experienced lawyer is likely to have dealt with many cases that are similar to yours. He will use the knowledge and tactics gained in previous cases to deal with your case better than an inexperienced lawyer would. In addition to experience, the lawyer should also have a great reputation and record of accomplishment. One who often wins cases often is likely to win your case for you as well.